AT&T Pilot Launches in Austin, Texas

Cambridge, MA (November 16, 2021)Soli ® is proud to announce its partnership with AT&T on the launch of their 5G carbon neutral device pilot program in Austin.

“Soli is pleased to be helping AT&T launch this first of its kind program by a major U.S. carrier,” said Soli CEO Bill Leslie. “In conjunction with Soli Solutions, AT&T is offering carbon neutral 5G devices and network usage to customers in Austin thanks to the purchase of accredited carbon offsets from local and regional reforestation projects and the purchase of renewable energy,” continued Leslie.

“AT&T’s carbon neutral initiative aligns with the company’s broader environmental commitments as well as with the growing focus on environmental sustainability among consumers,” stated Charles Herget, AT&T AVP of Global Environmental Sustainability.

About Soli Solutions, Inc.

Soli turns corporate sustainability into customer loyalty incentives, allowing consumers to participate in a company’s sustainability initiatives on a direct, one-to-one basis.

Soli is a brand loyalty marketing solution that helps brands tap into their sustainability efforts to create deeper emotional bonds with consumers. Through Soli’s solution, businesses of all types are able to turn sustainability initiatives into emotional loyalty incentives allowing a brand to engage its consumers in the imperative to reach carbon neutrality.

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