Press Release: Soli Selected for Cleantech Open Competition 2019

Press Release: Soli Selected for Cleantech Open Competition 2019

Soli’s latest press release is now available here.

Here’s an excerpt:

Soli has been selected as one of only 35 companies in the Northeast to participate in this year’s national Cleantech Open. The business accelerator program has worked with over 1200 clean technology startups, with most of the past participants going on to raise $1.2 billion collectively and create more than 3,000 clean economy jobs.

Soli is new type of consumer-rewards program that fights climate change. For every dollar a consumer spends with participating merchants, two pounds of CO2 are kept from entering the atmosphere, and the consumer receives redeemable reward Points.

Visit the Cleantech website here.

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About the Author:

Lilliane LeBel, Chief Marketing Officer at Soli, has been involved in marketing and marketing research for more than 25 years. She has been president at LeBel Marketing, and previously Vice President of Business Intelligence at InfoGroup where she worked with top multichannel, publishing, financial and non-profit clients to better understand their customers, improve customer communications, and increase ROI. Her education includes University of New Hampshire and an MBA from The American University.
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