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A September 2019 Youth Global #ClimateStrike Brief

This September 20th a global climate strike, led by young people, will take place. Organizers anticipate millions of participants of all ages worldwide, motivated by a growing awareness of the urgency needed to address climate change and the powerful example of youth leaders including the breakout activist Greta Thunberg and young American activists.

This strike is timed to take place in the run-up to the UN Climate Action Summit in New York City, in which Soli will participate. CEO Robert MacArthur and Vice President of Communications and Governance, Lilliane LeBel will attend the Summit to discuss how both businesses and individuals can have a significant impact on mitigating the effects of carbon.

Sydney Climate Strikers, September 20th 2019

Notably NYC public schools will not penalize the 1.1 million students in their system who may join the strike on September 20th. Per the New York Times it is anticipated other major public school systems will follow this example, encouraging civic engagement in their student populations despite understandable misgivings over potential abuse from students who simply want to miss a day of class.

For more information about the Global Climate Strike and how you can participate, visit and follow the hashtag #climatestrike.

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